Why clinicians choose to be included in Talk2Me’s online directory of mental health providers…

The most comprehensive matching process in the industry.  In order to insure the best possible fit, we connect clients with clinicians on the basis of over a dozen variables, including theoretical orientation, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and many others.

Publish videos, pictures, articles and blog posts. We offer our clinicians several ways to present themselves to potential clients, build their personal brand, and provide valuable resources to those seeking help. 

Manage your social media accounts. Be part of Talk2Me’s active digital marketing efforts by posting your videos, articles and comments to all of your social media accounts in one easy step.

Access to the Talk2Me community and professional resources. We provide our clinicians with a comprehensive array of professional forms and tools, as well as a forum for clinicians to network, consult with each other, and exchange resources.

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